Paroles Kianna H8s Me de Taxidermy Recital

Taxidermy Recital
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  • Artiste: Taxidermy Recital36771
  • Chanson: Kianna H8s Me
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Textes et Paroles de Kianna H8s Me

(chant) Kianna hates me!

Kianna hates me!

She really really really

really hates me!

I don't know why

I don't know why

K-k-k Kianna

makes me cry

Kianna is this awesome girl from Nebraska (Na na na na na na)

I saw her eating a baked Alaska

she has a thing for ponies and unicorns

watch out now she's downloading dragon porn

Kianna I will cook you some cupcakes

I'll buy you anything you can't make

she has a 3 quarter sleeve of tattoos

now she's looking at leopards at the zoo

chorus: Ki-i-anna

looks just like her mama

Wears litttle boys pajamas

Como se llama?

She has a cute cat and his name is Hobbes

I wonder if she likes corn on the cob

not a faggy girl but a lover with soul power

she sings like rain and she yells like a thundershower

chorus: Ki-i-anna

doesn't like drama

listens to Nirvana

ne me quitte pas

Kianna please love me

Kianna please love me

Kianna please love me

Will you be my best friend(friend friend friend)

Forrrrrrr- ever and ever and ehehehver.

(whispered) I think right now I'll finish this pathetic song

It's getting just a bit too long

(yelled) I think right now I'll finish this pathetic song!

I think she hates me but I hope I'm wrong !

Na na na na na naaaa etc...

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