Paroles Boy de Td Lind

Td Lind
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  • Artiste: Td Lind35007
  • Chanson: Boy
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Textes et Paroles de Boy

Lay your hands down, flat on my hood,
Don't turn around boy.
You ain't from here, shit shame on you,
You're a long way from home, boy.
Don't you move an eyebrow,
There's no need to hesitate now,
Unless of course, your minds fried on blow?
Let's see what you're hiding,
Better not be '45'n me now
Let me tell you son,
You're a long way from home.

You're a strange one, queer clothes you wear,
You just don't blend in, boy.
Seen you walking, slow shifty steps,
Give me your wrists boy.

Chorus (repeat)

Bet you didn't know
I know everyone in this neighbourhood except you.

You've been drinking, out until late
and I am the law, boy.
Take a deep breath, blow into this
One, two, three, four.

Chorus (repeat)

If you're lucky, I'll let you go.

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