Paroles Last Kiss de Td Lind

Td Lind
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  • Artiste: Td Lind35007
  • Chanson: Last Kiss
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Textes et Paroles de Last Kiss

Is it too much to ask, before they play the last dance,
To hold you?
And never to stall though autumn leaves fall,
All around you.
Oh, then we'll kiss.
At a table for two, just me and you
and our laughter,
Through a beautiful flame
We'll choose our child's name together,
And then, we'll kiss

My love, be my love for all time,
For you, only you, make me shine,
You make me shine.

On a cold winter's night, when Jack Frost delights,
I will warm you.
And together embraced in a fold of white lace,
I'll adore you.
I will honour you my love,
Every breath I drink of through all seasons,
Until our last dance, our graveyard romance
laid beside you,
even then - we'll kiss.

My love, be my love for all time,
For you, only you, make me shine,
You make me shine.

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