Paroles Built For This de Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari
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  • Artiste: Teairra Mari9308
  • Chanson: Built For This
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Textes et Paroles de Built For This

[Verse 1:]
I bet you thought about me, thought that I was gone
Guaranteed 2 doubt me, thought that I was done
Wanna see me lose it, you wanna see me fail
See now, I'm a winner, and yes, I will prevail
All of you who told me, told me that I've changed
I tell you that I have, but I can't be the same
Seen so many places, livin out my dreams
No matter what you say, I'm still me

Oh, they pushed my back against the wall
Did everything to make me fall
But I'm still up & runnin
U can't tell me I ain't built for this
So go ahead & close all the doors
Cause I'm a make it through them all
See I'm still up & runnin
U can't tell me I ain't built for this

[Verse 2:]
I heard them say there's no way I'd ever make it
They counted me out when they thought I was fadin
Tryna tell me that I wouldn't go far
And now they smile when they see me, see my face on the TV, yeah
Cause I gave it all I had, I had 2 take control
I'm not supportin cast, I got tha starring role
And here I stand alone, & I feel so free
No matter what I'm doin, I'm still me, oh

Still the same girl
In the same world that I'm livin in, wishin it was different
Sometimes I just can't believe (Can't believe that)
That this is really happenin 2 me


Won't let nobody break me down
Cause I done came too far 2 let them stop me now
Don't be scared 2 give your all (Lift your voice)
Even when it seems like you're alone, don't give up
U gotta keep pressin on, yeah


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