Paroles Tearstained Coffin de Tearstained

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  • Artiste: Tearstained9684
  • Chanson: Tearstained Coffin
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Textes et Paroles de Tearstained Coffin


The knell of death has tolled it's bell
To take another life away from here... it's gone
That life is gone and now you mourn the loss
Of yet another life, it's gone away, you cry
The funeral arrangements being planned by the family
The ritual is set
A gathering of mourners dressed in black
Now forming a line to gaze upon the dressed-up corpse

The ritual of death... end of another breath
Heaving out a sigh... why did he have to die
Your eyes empty themselves on the tearstained coffin

This selfish rite of tears, crying not for the one who has died
Has gone, has passed away from here
Your tears are for yourself and what you've lost
The pain that you feel, it hurts, you grieve in selfishness
The corpse lies motionless inside the casket
With a painted face, and stuffed, mouth sewn, so morbid
So grieve your sorrow, wait in line, now it's your time
What will you do? your heart it beats, you kiss the dressed up corpse

This ritual of death... morbid and grotesque
You can't help but cry... why did she have to die
The coffin stained with tears... the mourning lasts for years


I do not mourn the loss... I cling to no weak cross
Selfishness bereaved... the dead from life relieved
There's no point to cry, for we all shall die

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