Paroles Past The Black Sun de Tenebrous

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  • Artiste: Tenebrous38868
  • Chanson: Past The Black Sun
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Textes et Paroles de Past The Black Sun

When I look to the sky I see the past,
Lights from a thousand years.
Constellations that speak of great battles
In the time of Thula.

Uranos hear my call, I await your command.
I am ready to meet my destiny,
I am ready to pass the Black Sun.

Antares in scorpio
You're the bridge for me to walk.
Black Sun you're the source of my power,
The primal fire that burns in my heart.

Give me the strength and power,
The power of Uril.
For I am the Cathar,
Pure as the rays of the moon.

Thule I am your weapon,
Thrust me in the heart of my enemy,
And I shall be your victory

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