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Terminal Choice
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  • Chanson: Golden Days
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Textes et Paroles de Golden Days

I feel your presence everywhere I go
I hear your voice when I search for silence
I see your face when I close my eyes
You're in my mind
You poisoned my soul

Do you remember the golden days?
There's so much pain inside of me
I'm feeling better day by day
I wasted so much time with you
And I remember the golden days
I'm feeling empty, but I'm free
Do you remember the hate in my eyes?
Insanity comes over me

Would you ever think of me again,
when you're alone in your bed?
Would you ever wish me back again,
or will you try to forget?

I don't want to dream of you
I don't want to say that I miss you
I want to live my life without you

I try to forget
I try to forget

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