Paroles The Evil Command de Terminal Choice

Terminal Choice
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  • Chanson: The Evil Command
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Textes et Paroles de The Evil Command

Evil blood runs through your veins
A deadly command inside your brain
You walk through the streets
and you have to kill
Its not you, it's a different will
The night is calling, your on the street
You can't move, it's just your feet
Strange voices are telling you
Where to go, and what to do
You're a toy, in what others send
You are forced by an evil command
Bloody faces are left behind
An empty space, left in your mind

An evil command... An evil command
An evil command... An evil command
You are forced by an evil command
You are forced by an evil command
You are forced by an evil command
You are forced by an evil command

Your on your mission, sowing pain
Destruction, and Death is coming again
The destructer is destroying, all the dreams
People are dying
Can't you hear there screams
You dont know what to do
The evil commands depressing you
The only way is suicide

CHORUS: [repeat]

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