Paroles Vegas de Terrorvision

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  • Artiste: Terrorvision15381
  • Chanson: Vegas
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Textes et Paroles de Vegas

Put your shoes on,
Put your coat on,
Put your hat on,
Put your scarf on,
Pick yourself up,
Pick your moment,
And let's go,

Snow flake was in love with Dewdrop,
But Dewdrop had an eye on Lake,
Well lake was going out with Swan just by coincidence,
And Dewdrop didn't know they were that way,
So they all traveled on in a purple camper van,
With Las Vegas or bust as their fame and fortune plan,
With one of them material,
One of them spiritual,
And two of them were visual people who,

Who put their shoes on,
Put their coats on,
Put their brave face on,
Put a smile on,
Picked themselves up,
Picked their moment and let go,

Harry got a job in an office,
Dewdrop found a place on stage,
Swan and Lake well they got married by Elvis Presley,
And drank every drop of their wage,
And they'd all agreed a plan to sell the purple camper van,
Put the lot on eighteen red and not to give a damn,
With one of them in clerical,
One of them dramatical,
And two of them incapable people,
Harry met Chris in cafe,
Where they laughed about Swan and lake,
A voice said Lake had run off with Storm Flower,
It was Lou who said come on let's all go home again,
So they'd put in 'what they can' to buy another trusty van,
Leave the bright lights behind to another restless gang,
Not one of them was cynical,
But one of them got biblical,
All three of them were different people.

Put your shoes on,
Put your coats on,
Put your brave face on,
Put your smile on,
Pick yourself up,
Pick your moment and let's go,
Go home

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