Paroles PVT. Ledbetter de Tesla

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  • Artiste: Tesla3300
  • Chanson: PVT. Ledbetter
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Textes et Paroles de PVT. Ledbetter

Dear Private Ledbetter, I'm writin' you this letter to let you know that all is well at home.
And, your family's doin' fine, they're prayin' that it's time and soon you'll be comin' home.
Don't want you to worry. We're so proud of your sacrifice.
And all your dedication, so we can call ourselves, the land of the free.

Dear Private Ledbetter, did you get my letter? We haven't heard, not one single word.
I'm sure it's hard to find the time. To drop us a line, in your fight for the free!
We try not to worry. We're so proud of your sacrifice.
And all through our nation, that we call the land of the free!


Dear Mrs. Ledbetter, I think you had be better sittin' down cause your baby boy's been found.
Did you recieve the e-mail? Givin' you the details. Soon he'll be on his way home.
Don't want you to worry! You should be proud of your sacrifice.
And what you've done for our country, that we call the land of the free!
That we call, the land of the free

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