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Textes et Paroles de Sharks



sharks - pressured to be,
cool and released
a horrible thing
sharks - surrounding me,
feeling unclean
and so dirty

staying out the way
terror at the bay
sleep with the fish and still
i can hear you scream

if i was a shark:

wouldn't be thinking twice
but all i can see around me all the time
and when i feel them bite down on my face
you can hear me scream
see them swimming killing spilling me
it's easier
so i'll look into the sky
and hope i get another try

terror at the bay
staying out they way
sleep with the fish and now
i can't hear you scream
swimming killing thrilling and i wish
that i could be like them
underwater i pretend...

Woah - yeah.
Don't fuck with those sharks
sharks can kill anything
sharks will take everything

take a bite

(Thanks to georgina for these lyrics)

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