Paroles Ollie & Delilah de Testa Rosa

Testa Rosa
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  • Artiste: Testa Rosa35045
  • Chanson: Ollie & Delilah
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Textes et Paroles de Ollie & Delilah

Ollie and Delilah
Down on their luck at seventeen
Wait on the corner
and try not to be seen
Delilah softly holds his arm,
while Ollie smiles, swallows hard
And he says, "Don't be scared,
I am here, you'll always have my heart."

Ollie and Delilah
Why do you always run?

Ollie and Delilah
They've done this many times before
Down by the station,
behind the record store
Delilah quietly watches out,
while Ollie'd hold them to the ground
But this time here they sweep,
while Ollie takes a bullet to the heart

It all happened so fast
The moment he walked into the room
and knew that it would never last
They all started to shout
And the window behind the door and down the stairs
the only exit out

Ollie and Delilah
They've got each other now to blame
Now that it's over
guess it's all the same
And now they both are in her room
Delilah goes to get her gun
says, "Ollie, you'll be dead
and I'll be gone, before the day is done."

Ollie and Delilah
Why do you always run?
Ollie and Delilah
Why do you run and run?

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