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Tha Eastsidaz
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  • Artiste: Tha Eastsidaz11016
  • Chanson: There Comes A Time
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Textes et Paroles de There Comes A Time

(feat. Daddy V)

[Snoop Dogg: Intro]
Yeah, Jellyroll on the beat
What we gone do on this Eastside track right here
We gone give it up uh, to our favorite girls
To momma - without you there would be no me
You feel what I'm talkin 'bout? Yeah

[Chorus: x2]
[Daddy V]
There comes a time, when we
Need more, love in the family
Thanks for.. (thank you momma)
[ Snoop ]
The good times and, the bad times, can't you see
Thank you for everything you've done for me (you only get one)

[Goldie Loc]
Momma this all my life
I used to put everything on you, and I knew it wattn't right
You snatched me out the deep cracks
You hooked my ass everytime I talked smack
I know they sayin, "Gladys, your son stressin off the system"
I used to kiss her everyday, look momma I miss her
Do you remember, when I almost died
I'm back a new man and I didn't even cry
I used to tell lies, steal from your purse,
until I seen Pancake pushed away in a hearse
Momma it hurts - you dreamed of how I got smoke?
Lil' cousin off dope, cuz that's all she wrote
I did a song wit her - lemme go find it so I can play it for ya
And bang it for my lil' neice Sade
She remind me of me and my big sister when we used to play
I love you mom until I die

[Chorus x2]

[Tray Deee]
I know I gave you hell, but you raised me well
Barely twelve years old but I stayed in jail
Supposed to be up at school, but I be ditchin to steal
And even though we kinda po', we ain't missin a meal
Feelin bad cuz my pants and my shirt don't match
I'm burglurizin, and I'm snatchin every purse on fat
Nobody helpin you with rents since pops done split
So I'm advanced in my plans, how to clock my chips
Takin nonsense rich, started runnin with Crips
Handcuffs on my wrists, now your lovin I miss
Cuz I'm the baby of the family, your pride and joy
But I know sometimes ya wonder what's inside ya boy
Stay patient mamma, I'ma figure out my path
Then we can laugh and forget about the past
I have my own children, so now it's my turn
And I'm grateful for the chance, now I get to learn
True love..

[Chorus x2]

[music fades out]

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