Paroles Better Dayz de ThaiVietG

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  • Artiste: ThaiVietG42139
  • Chanson: Better Dayz
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Textes et Paroles de Better Dayz

"lookin for these better days
i took the time
to write all my homeboyz a song and shit
thinkin bout all the good days we all had
thangs change tho
you know what im sayin
its all good tho
we gone make it dawg
got me thinkin bout better dayz"

sometimes i sit and reminisce about the old dayz
sneakin out the house at night just to go play
never really was stress on our mind bro
the first cigarette i sparked was a malboro
now let rewind time back down to middle school
just a young fool
class i never attended too
and hated by the principle
and all i needed was just a little help
they dont mind helpin everyone else
who rather have me expelled
so the streets is where i roam
all day night and all day long
times feel my mind is gone
but its g cuhz im home
call my dawgz on the phone
ask them whats been goin on
its been so long i miss you dawg i miss you too
with everything i do
got my mind feelin so confused
now we out
on the late nights so high
catchin on the old timez doin drive by's
and you tell everythin has changed
everybody older now and it aint the same
so homie whos to blame
everybody headed in their own way
guess they rather be departed
then together, strivin for a brighter day
its all good homie
im still down homie
and in my heart i put all my dawgz before me
and thats real we gone keep it movin
until the real homie gone on
and thats real

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