Paroles No Way Out de ThaiVietG

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  • Artiste: ThaiVietG42139
  • Chanson: No Way Out
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Textes et Paroles de No Way Out

(Chorus) x2
cant seem to find a way out
no way out
im stuck inside of a maze
in this case
no way out

(Verse 1)
now i heard
from a little bird
snakes plottin up on my death
not knowin whats gonna happen
got me paranoid and stressed
so i pack my strap
right beside me
in this little city
homie you know where to find me
how can i peaceful if these bustas wish for me to die
before i pull the trigga tears fallin from my eyes
at night i have these dreams
that im
six feet deep
my soul not in peace so i still roam the streets
i swear theres no way out
but just one way in
the life in the streets will have you dead or locked in the pen
feel me
it gets so cold out here
year by year we sheddin tears
tell me how can my mind clear
the dissapearance of all my peers
what should i do dawg
i need your help
feelin so lonely inside knowin im all by myself
how can i keep alive
when it comes time for me to die
knowin deep in my heart i always try
and no way out

(Chorus) x2
cant seem to find a way out
no way out
im stuck inside of a maze
in this case
no way out

(Verse 2)
i dont what to do
im livin my life with so much pain
tryna make it thru these hard times
im goin insane
i find myself caught up
in situations im so confused
faced with decisions to make
a struggle to pay my dues
its hard to see this life i lead
not knowin where it will go
im watchin my days flow
still i got nothing to show
i feel trapped
on this road
that i
happend to chose
its been
a struggle they gave to me
nobody knows
if i had a second chance
to turn back the hands of time
theres some things i wouldve changed
but the rest ill leave behind
so for now
i lay back
and wonder whats left for me
the path ahead looks so plain
thats all i see
with all this stress
so deep inside
sometimes the pressure thats up on me
makes me wanna cry
i know its not the end
so please show me the route
im still sittin here
trynta find a way out

(Chorus) x2
cant seem to find a way out
no way out
im stuck inside of a maze
in this case
no way out

(Verse 3)
you can see up in eyes
the pain and struggles throughout my life
lord will you forgive me tonight
when i go ill take anothers life
if its not him its gonna be me
i know you feel for the thugs in the streets
take the time to hear what i speak before its time to go for me
why do we rise and then we fall
my soul is broken and then we ball
how can we all remain real tall
without this life bein so hard
in this world its been real cold
the streets is where we all lost souls
nobody cares and wants to know until it happens to one of you
i take the last of this hennessy and take the last puff of this weed
and put everything behind me
so when i die my life can be at ease
remember me for the words i speak
straight from my heart for the thugs n G'z
let it bump throughout the streets
no way out for us ghetto seeds
but still we strive for a better way
a better place and a better day
the reason that why i do drugs so i can feel like im in that place
but it makes it harder on me bro
it feels like im dyin slow
not knowin which way to go
feel my pain
in my soul
no way out

(Chorus) x2
cant seem to find a way out
no way out
im stuck inside of a maze
in this case
no way out

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