Paroles Dream of Sleep de The All New Adventures Of Us

The All New Adventures Of Us
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  • Chanson: Dream of Sleep
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Textes et Paroles de Dream of Sleep

So say you will dream of me,
& I'll dream of sleep.
Baby come back to me...

Whatever happened to fairytales?
They all got drunk & lost their way
& some even lost their coat or cover.
They're probably down in the gutter,
Fighting with a gang of page numbers,
Whilst trying to talk them down.

I heard there was a dispute,
Between the numbers one and two,
About who gets to go first,
But you know who came off worse.

You won't find your epiphany in books or other sheets,
It lives in every phonebox & it's filed under me.
It's filed under me.
Baby come back to me...

Whatever happened to fairytales?
Everything I've loved has left or changed.
The letters, the spacing, the wording, the casing, the humiliation of bad inhalation -
I'm told that I do it well.
Can't get past the part where they fell,
Hopelessly in love, next to the hole that they both dug,
Getting ready for when today became the day their eyes closed for good.

The word 'forever' looks like 'never' in this light.
But if we adjust the way that the curtains fall
& direct the street-lamps to the wall
We might find that we can make it look like 'together'.
Or we could just wait 'til sunrise
'Cause daylight never lies.

Dusk kills honesty every day but I wouldn't have it any other way.
We all need things to call our own, be it a barstall or a telephone,
That we convince ourselves must always ring when we're not home.
It beats admitting that we're alone.
It beats admitting that we're alone.
We're so alone...

I've always had my cape and worn it,
But it takes more than store-bought style.
Sometimes we all need angels to teach us how to fly.

This isn't a meeting for alcoholics.
Denial is actively encouraged.

So say you will dream of me,
& I'll dream of sleep.

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