Paroles The Harvesting de The Breathing Process

The Breathing Process
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  • Chanson: The Harvesting
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Textes et Paroles de The Harvesting

Rise Arcadia...
Rise to the harvesting.

In the harvesting there will be one to bleed Armageddon.
A legion betrayed as legion betrays these walls.
Orchestrated in barren conception.
The cries of women and children.

Mirror Pandora's keening,
As the mighty Arcadia lays in ruins at
The hands of its creators.

Oh gods save you from this consuming red...
There must be one to cry out redemption.

From the void arise a hero...
From the abyss arise a voice of all,
To sing the song of victory;
To weave the tale of a legion betrayed.

As legion betrayed
The legion betrayed
Betraying legion.

This kingdom is doomed, a necrotic tomb.
This fate has been the seduction of all their hopes;
The raping of their souls.

Atone for your sins.
Suffer your sweet children:
Heavy lies the crown above the legion that bows.

The poison of humility...
It's strength they'll fear.
Total annihilation...
Arcadia lies in desolation.

Oh Gods, save us from this consuming red...
There must be one to cry out redemption.

To bare the allure of water.
To guide their souls.
To bare the allure of fire.
To rape their souls.

This is the cross that I must bare:
This is the sin to exact your destiny.

Oh God, exact your destiny.

To bare the seduction of fire.
To consume their souls,
They beg for the miracle of death

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