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The Game
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  • Artiste: The Game3318
  • Chanson: Trend Setter
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Textes et Paroles de Trend Setter

Is it Louie V or is it Gucci
Who set new trends, who set new trends
Is it …, is it …
Who set new trends, who set new trends

I'm glad I survive how you let me out die, I set new trends,
Black .., black .., but I have …b*tches ..fourty five ..I let my shorty .. fifty, seven ..I set new trends,
…cuz we set new trends, I brought my …just twenty eleven …
…kept up to the …..give it the ten …
I'm setting new trends.
Ohhh, uhh

Is it .., or big bodies ..
Who set new trends, who set new trends
Is it .., or is it …is it …
Who set new trends, who set new trends.

Used to …cuz I had to…
On the west…nigga I'm a …

F*ck the ..better ..cuz we're down like ..
Call me back're tryin ..
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..and again, Los Angeles who set new trends, who set new trends
…how many niggas sleep outside …
How many niggas …

Is it …is it …me and a little ..who set the trends
Jimmy .. boots, I got them …. who set the trends
We set the trends
And everything I got is real, all natural but not quite Lauryn Hill
..some b*tces ..and then I blow the …
Me …express me ..tryin to catch me if you can
… come and ..but nigga it depends (on what?)
Nigga you set the trends.

Is it ..or ..I'm with ya,
We set the trends, we set the trends,
Is it black berry …or is it my space, facebook
We set the trends
We set the trends, so don't set the trend

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