Paroles Stranger's Road de The Growlers

The Growlers
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  • Chanson: Stranger's Road
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Textes et Paroles de Stranger's Road

When Jimmy thinks he found his home
With smiling faces and room to grow
He's put back on the stranger's road
Never looking back and never letting go
He needs time to try his heart
Why even build or ever start
If he'll just get torn apart
Before he even gets a chance
To say goodbye and pack your bags
He's put back on the stranger's road
Never looking back and never letting go
He needs time to find some air
All he's found is life's unfair
All he wants is for somewhere
That he can finally call his home
Somewhere where he can rest his bones
Somewhere he can fine someone
Some place where folks remember his face
Cause most of the time he feels like a ghost
Who lives in the shadows and nobody knows
That he dreams of giving his sons what he never had
A place to call home and a permanent dad
and he'll never show them stranger's road
he swears they'll never know the stranger's road....

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