Paroles Dumbledore's Army de The Half-Blood Princess

The Half-Blood Princess
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  • Artiste: The Half-Blood Princess34036
  • Chanson: Dumbledore's Army
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Textes et Paroles de Dumbledore's Army

Going down
To Hogsmeade
Walking down
With Ron and Hermione

Going to meet
For Defense Against the Dark Arts
Who will be there?
No one can say

The Hog's Head is
A kind of a shady place
But what can you do?
We cannot leave a trace

The butterbeer is dusty
The seating is crummy
And atmosphere, well,
This place hasn't got any

Looking around
For a place to fight
Where we won't be found
And we can practice all night

Dobby the house-elf
To the rescue
The Room of Requirement
How we need you

What should we call ourselves?
What about the Anti-Umbridge League
Well, how about the DA, I love you Cho
Dumbledore's Army, Oh Ginny

Let's take partners
And try some jinxes
Neville, you've got it!
And Ron disarmed Hermione?
(Only once!)

We're doing O.K.
Even Luna's got friends
That toad, Umbridge
Will meet her end

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