Paroles Eterna de The Haven

The Haven
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  • Artiste: The Haven36053
  • Chanson: Eterna
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Textes et Paroles de Eterna

(Verse 1)
I see you holdin' on
like a boulder in the sea
trying everything, but you know of ill
you've let him steal the wind right out of your cells

maybe you should let go, move on
dont let him hold you down
i think its time to take a stand
and let him know
how we feel about what he does

(verse 2)
repeating ourselves until our lungs collapse
when will he come around

maybe you should let go, move on
don't let him hold you down
i think its time to take a stand
and let him know

(verse 3)
its not up to us to change him
but is it worth the wait
ive already made up my mind
so where do i go from here

(repeat chorus)

(Thanks to kelsie for these lyrics)

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