Paroles A Dictator's Lament (Neighbors Remix) de The Papercuts

The Papercuts
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  • Chanson: A Dictator's Lament (Neighbors Remix)
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Textes et Paroles de A Dictator's Lament (Neighbors Remix)

see the masses
with their heads in their hands
a'int got no hope
for to find a worthy soul

watching themselves
watching the clouds
scared to follow

see the hands
clasped in the air
a'int got no son
who's going to show them?

watching themselves
watching the clouds

(scared to follow)

I can claim the one
worthy of taking the throne
look down at the peasants below
and see a clan that is scared to follow

(scared to follow)

put your hand on my tablecloth
i want to read your palm
are you worthy of royalty, no?
it's so, hard to know

so hard to know

(hard to know)

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