Paroles Louder Than Lies de The Space Twins

The Space Twins
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  • Artiste: The Space Twins35164
  • Chanson: Louder Than Lies
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Textes et Paroles de Louder Than Lies

My actions speak louder than lies
My feelings deep but they're bottled inside
You gave me more than you needed to
I took but not to return to you
Warring a mask that was not my hue, or my size
Actions speak louder than lies

I wasn't dressed for this exodus
I tried to stop but you hopped on the bus
taking you far away from me
to prove you take this seriously
in my pig sty I can hardly see, through the flies
Actions speak louder than lies

All of my life I've been searching for you girl
so much life is left for us to live and share our world
together, forever

I was a mother a son of a gun
I'd play the father if you needed one
Please give a second chance
I promise I am a different man
the lessons I've learned since you ran
Action speak louder than
I want spend my life with you
donate my vital organs to you
I know I've changed still I must prove, I'm not high
Actions speak louder than lies
Actions speak louder than lies
Actions speak louder than lies
Actions speak louder than lies

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