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The Tiger Lillies
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  • Chanson: Bumhole
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Textes et Paroles de Bumhole

in Polynesia the weather is fine,
the Frenchies experiment all of the time,
we are all full of shit, we know this is true,
but when you ain't got a bumhole, you feel blue.

bumhole, bumhole, give us a bumhole do.

the Rainbow Warrior, they blew it up,
'cause it tried to kick up a terrible fuss,
nuclear testing is all very well,
when you ain't got a bumhole, life can be hell.

bumhole, bumhole, give us a bumhole do.

well we don't care about the size,
we don't care about the shape
but when you haven't got one,
it feels like a mistake.

bumhole, bumhole, give us a bumhole do.
give us a bumhole do..

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