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The Tiger Lillies
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  • Chanson: Cheapest show
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Textes et Paroles de Cheapest show

The lion he has got false teeth, the fire eater is a cheat
the exotic dancer is antique.
The high-wire artist broke his nose, the dancing bears got gangrened toes,
& all the artists need new clothes.
Cut price is the acrobat, the fortune teller is a hack, the clowns make up is all cracked

It's the cheapest show you've ever seen
with drunks drug addicts & old queens
its garish gaudy & obscene.

Half the staff are pimps & whores
too old to do it anymore,
they're all old, ugly, stupid, poor
The boss drinks like an unblocked drain
he's ugly stupid & he's vain & he's so in debt he should elope to Spain

The big top it has got more holes than a dart board
its so old, its gangrened green with mould.

It's the cheapest show you've ever seen
with drunks drug addicts & old queens
its garish gaudy & obscene.

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