Paroles Darkness de The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies
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  • Artiste: The Tiger Lillies37349
  • Chanson: Darkness
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Textes et Paroles de Darkness

darkness the master, darkness the king,
open your heart, only darkness it brings,
only darkness, darkness.
you're a slave, a servant to this thing,
you're only messiah, the only thing,
only darkness, only darkness.

give them a penny, they will take a pound,
that's the only justice there is to be found in this darkness

well England is fine, it's on the TV,
it makes you feel sick when you tell it to me,
only darkness, only darkness.

in the bars of Marseilles, down the Old Kent road,
you might as well face it, it's hard and it's cold in the darkness, in the darkness.
well, give them a penny, they will take a pound,
that's the only justice there is to be found in this darkness

darkness (repeats 28 times)

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