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The Trews
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  • Chanson: Stray
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Textes et Paroles de Stray

Love is an awkward rhyme spoken
poorly all the time needing that
one perfect line to have it all
make sense
And it hard to understand your
doing everything you can to see
a format or a plan but you get lost
in your own pretense
And hours seem like days after
confessions and praise, when
inhibition stays along with
thoughts of consequence
In a fit of inspiration and too
much information with no
hesitation to get it off your chest

Here I am and as always you

As things start to settle talk to me
on the level you're a victim
and a rebel no matter what you wear
You had your soliloquy and now
you feel guilty, now you feel silly,
real moments are so unfair


Some days are meant to be this
sign from god to finally see no
crucifix starts to bleed you only
got your way
And perspective's creeping in but
it's fickle as the wind and you're
proud of all your sins and
everything you've had to say
And no one's seeing through ya
and you don't care do ya this
feeling has immune ya, you
simply walk away
Preaching end of evolution and
counter-revolution you feel an absolution and here you want to say...


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