Paroles Live Our Lives de The Uncontrollable Few

The Uncontrollable Few
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  • Chanson: Live Our Lives
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Textes et Paroles de Live Our Lives

I've forgotten how to live
Without threatening my own life
It's a lonely path to walk
And I don't like it

I've forgotten how to be
Without being someone else
And I'm so afraid, I'm so afraid
Of losing you

How can we live our lives when they've
defiled our minds with madness?
How can we take it slow when they're
pushing us out the door?
How can we learn to love when they're
telling us we're too young and
How can we keep it simple when they
keep on asking for more?

We're just two lonely souls
That are reaching in the dark
And your heart seems so pure
While mine is empty

The pain is growing strong
I must find some escape
And I need nothing more
Than you to help me

How can we follow their lead when they're
running all over the place?
How can we live on our own when we
don't even know how to survive?
How can we sing our songs when they've
clamped our mouths tight shut?
How can we be together and
still manage to stay alive?

I've forgotten how to be
Without being someone else
And I'm so afraid, I'm so afraid
Of losing you

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