Paroles Creatures In The Sea de The Undoing Of David Wright

The Undoing Of David Wright
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  • Chanson: Creatures In The Sea
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Textes et Paroles de Creatures In The Sea

well when i was six years old my mommy told me
son, there are creatures in the sea
there are all kinds of creatures in the sea
bright and dull, big and small, kind and mean
just look at the marine reef, it's a mini sea society
when you grow up just go scuba diving and you'll see

sea anemones
coral reefs
killer whales
underwater snails
sting rays
manta rays
hammerhead sharks
tuna and sponges
electric eels
jumbo shrimp
and turtles

well why can't people be more like creatures in the sea
some say we're different but most look the same to me
to all you tired and bored and full of apathy
why don't you take a big dive into the sea
maybe a look at those creatures will help you to be
or maybe to a creature you'll be something nice to eat

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