Paroles Pursued By The Jaws Of Hell de The Undoing Of David Wright

The Undoing Of David Wright
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  • Artiste: The Undoing Of David Wright38292
  • Chanson: Pursued By The Jaws Of Hell
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Textes et Paroles de Pursued By The Jaws Of Hell

When they've got too many guns
My son, you've got to run
When you've stopped feeling guilt
You'll know the time has come
The pebble to Goliath
Has become obsolete
It'd take a thousand slings
Just to knock him off his feet

Left, right, center, c'mon now
Left, right, center, c'mon

You would be a martyr
If you only had a cause
So many dead now that there's
No one left to lean on

When you're backed up to the wall
C'mon and listen to my call
Your sins brought you here
Six feet's how far you'll fall
Pick a place, the perfect place
The place they'll least expect
The jaws of Hell are open wide
But they don't have you yet

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