Paroles Defiance de The Young Veins

The Young Veins
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  • Artiste: The Young Veins47288
  • Chanson: Defiance
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Textes et Paroles de Defiance

There was a hope when we found the bridge
Of a place we had never been
In defiance

And ever since I was a kid
They said just stay away from there
Boy don't you ever live
In defiance

From the outside looking in
I sure do make an easy target
It's nice to think that you are always

And I'm not afraid to laugh
And I don't mind taking photographs
Cause you don't ask for my autograph
In defiance

Now she said that it was rust and lead
That love could never live again
But we found a way to make it stay
In defiance
She asked
She asked

Can't we just be friends?
This kind of thing always happens
I fell in love again
With defiance
In defiance
Of defiance

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