Paroles Cursed de Theatres Des Vampires

Theatres Des Vampires
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  • Artiste: Theatres Des Vampires6410
  • Chanson: Cursed
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Textes et Paroles de Cursed

When the darkness falls you see a new world
the winter's embrace the forest

Silence...deep secret
hidden in the dark
the witches and their spells
the trees seem alive
tears of your mother
cry 'cause you are dead
entombed in a dismal coffin

"From the grave I rise to search for the virtue, that I miss, of love
my lost groom to embrace and suck the blood of his heart..."
"Gange la mort avec tous tes apptits at ton goisme et tous les pehs capitaux"

When the darkness fall you come back to life
with pointed teeth...and your red eyes

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