Paroles Yomp de Thenewno2

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  • Artiste: Thenewno235067
  • Chanson: Yomp
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Textes et Paroles de Yomp

I don't deny-a what I'm seeing
You vilified all our kind
You criticize people's weakness
When all the time it's just your lies

And I never feel the worst
I will be there just say the word

I hide your eyes turn away now
I roll on by without a word
I read the signs it's hard to see how,
To have it all if you want your soul
Just wake from night you're going nowhere,
You're out of line, you know it ain't right

And I never feel the worst
I will be there just say the word
Well it took you to knock on my soul
Could it be the time to let go?

You're no match
For the bigger man
If you busted them
They'd just cover it

You're no match
For what's happenin'
Step by step
You can feel it

You're no match
For all that you've seen

But no matter what they say,
You can make it all right
You can do it alone now
Do it your way

(Thanks to ineedyou22 for these lyrics)

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