Paroles Eleven, Seventeen de Therefore I Am

Therefore I Am
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  • Artiste: Therefore I Am16337
  • Chanson: Eleven, Seventeen
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Textes et Paroles de Eleven, Seventeen

Soon I Will Wake To Cavalcades Parading Through My Room
Flying Flags And Signs That Say

fear And Confusion, This Haunting Conclusion,
Will Begin To Swallow Everything That You Are.
Just Don't Think So Hard.

We Are The Same Fragile Frames
Of Flesh And Bone
Of Blood And Teeth
All Born And Bound To Misery
We Are All The Same
We Just Carry Different Names

And The Agony Of The World Grows In Our Bodies
Like A Painful Pearl
And It We Can Not Purge
It Always Remains
It's Always Changing It's Face With Age

This Marks My Mind
It Presses Down On Me
It Marks My Mind
Like A Fallen Leaf Left In Fresh Concrete

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