Paroles Officer Rodriguez de Thick As Blood

Thick As Blood
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  • Artiste: Thick As Blood30974
  • Chanson: Officer Rodriguez
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Textes et Paroles de Officer Rodriguez

You show up when nothing's up
Just to beat us down
Call you when we need you and you aren't around
I can't believe you demand respect
When you never help us
You're just another word
Shit on your duty
You never focus
Sit and eat in your car
That's why you're overweight
Tell everyone you're a hero
You're just another fake
Can't speak my fucking mind
Cause I'm not your fucking kind
Overstep your boundaries
You're no better than me
I can't believe you want respect
When you never help us
You're just another word
Shit on your duty
You never focus
Cowards on patrol
I wanna see you die
I wanna see you die slow

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