Paroles Settle New York, Settle de Thieves And Villains

Thieves And Villains
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  • Chanson: Settle New York, Settle
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Textes et Paroles de Settle New York, Settle

New York was a blur her face is flushed. As if a bitter cold brooklyn shook it out as if it touched. She says, "I used to sleep without a stir but these nights I toss and turn while everything I love is caught between." caught between. So settle new york whipe the frost off of brooklyn til it's lost on you. settle into. New York was a blur the streets ran wild with the lights and sounds of our youth on trial. the air is crisp with smoke as we tread the streets alone slipping in and out of bars as we battle our way home. So settle new york whipe the frost off of brooklyn til it's lost on you. I'm settling into something I should do. Come on ma'am please see me off. I depart at quarter to you've only lost a couple of mintues of the time we've left. "Chase that lush with a drink" she says, " I have got bigger problems than this. I once had faith that I could find home but I'm damn sure this cities swallowed me whole

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