Paroles No One de Those Poor Bastards

Those Poor Bastards
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  • Chanson: No One
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Textes et Paroles de No One

I'm not the beast they've made me out to be
I've done some good things
I've done some good things
Like you, I've stumbled once or twice
And done some bad things
I've done some bad things
My body is a thing corrupt and wrong
It is guilty
Yeah, it is guilty
My spirit is the thing that's dragged along
It is innocent
Lord, it is innocent
O, separate my body from my soul
O, separate my body from my soul
Let's go back to how things were back then
When I was younger
When I was younger
Everything was either black or white
It was easier
So much easier
Now everything, it looks so gray
I'm older
Now, I'm older
Show me a man who deserves to die
You cannot convince me
You cannot convince me
Now, show me a man who deserves to live
You have no evidence
You have no evidence
O, separate my body from my soul
O, separate my body from my soul
I tried so hard to tell you truth
But I lied to you
I have lied to you
The things that you learn and know so well
They are fleeting
Yes, they are fleeting
You're the one who told me who I was
You said you're no one
So now I'm no one
O, separate my body from my soul
O, separate my body from my soul

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