Paroles This World is Evil de Those Poor Bastards

Those Poor Bastards
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  • Chanson: This World is Evil
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Textes et Paroles de This World is Evil

Who will cast the first stone?
Who will send me back home?
Sin is eating up my bones
I'm walkin with the Devil

This world is so evil
lord, lord, lord

Down there in old Arkansas
They'll hang a man before his trial
Beat him down and string him up
Just to watch him suffer

I knew a man from 'round those parts
He had a kind of nervous heart
Some friends of mine tore him apart
I think he was my father

Well, well, wella
Satan is watching as you walk down the road
Satan is watching as you sleep

All I wants deliverance
Free me from this terrible mess
Lord, if you're hearin' this
Give my spirit shelter

Send some lightning from the clouds
Get me off this dead-end road
I will do just as I'm told
Burn me to a cinder

Take my soul up to the sky
Like a vulture I will fly
To this world I say goodbye
Hello, Holy Savior!

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