Paroles Seeing Red de Threat Signal

Threat Signal
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  • Artiste: Threat Signal37240
  • Chanson: Seeing Red
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Textes et Paroles de Seeing Red

Blind the eyes of humanity,
twisting the minds of this race
Living disgrace,
abomination driving everyone towards the hate

I am justified to unite with my own kind,
not to follow, not to prejudge
I decide who's real from what's revealed,
this shattered past can't conceal

For all the tears I've shed,
this one for you is red
It's so unreal

What will it take,
to repent your mistakes?
This war will be won,
we've only just begun

The blood has been shed and the rows
upon rows of the dead are unknown,
the victims who lie deep beneath us
at peace are not forgotten

For all the tears,
the tears I've shed
I'm bleeding and so should you

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