Paroles Loss Of Dreams de Threnody

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  • Artiste: Threnody6434
  • Chanson: Loss Of Dreams
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Textes et Paroles de Loss Of Dreams

That much is gone now
Opportunity is lost now
With it leaving me
That is all we had then
Emptiness is left here
Hope inside of me
Anger is all that is left here
Comprehension no more
Fear inside of me
Must not loose this thing
Call it a crazy dream
For who I want to be
That much is coming now
Looking back to future plans
My own destiny
Fighting for myself
Feeling like an empty shell
For the dreams come true
Will not, shall not, loose this dream
Hope is just a state of mind
Will not, shall not, loose this dream
Fear is just a state of mind
Will make, shall make, make this dream

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