Paroles Can't Do Both de Tim Finn

Tim Finn
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  • Chanson: Can't Do Both
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Textes et Paroles de Can't Do Both

Mr. & Mrs. Almost
- I want to go to Spain
Had a double income life
- I want to fight a bull
He worked every evening
- And meet with my old flame
She had a nine to five
- Behind a castle wall
The first year was so easy
- And as we smoke Madeira
The second was alright
- And drink our guitars
But it was halfway through the third year
- You'll pirouette beside me
When she turned to him and cried:
- And I'll whisper to the stars

Looking out for you
Looking out for me
But I can't do both obviously
Looking out for you
Looking out for me
But I can't do both

They love to be together
- I'll go to the Chatham Islands
But now they hardly get the chance
- Be the first to see the sun
She gives him a smile of welcome
- And as I hang my washing out
And he leaves her a parting glance
- I'll watch the colours run
They said when they got married
- And one day late in August
There will be no compromise
- I'll get your telegram
Now they burn down one side only
- You'll be my lie detector
That's the story of our lives
- I'll be your radio ham

Looking out for you
Looking out for me
But I can't do both obviously
Looking out for you
Looking out for me
But I can't do both

Have you heard about the modern couple
They had everything
Their income was double
But now they're losing sight of each other
They thought they had it all
But now they're falling out of love

Looking out for you
Looking out for me
Looking out for you
Looking out for me

They thought they had it all
Now the writing's on the wall
Their love is on the line
They're running out of time
Can't do both

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