Paroles I Decided To Fly de Tim Finn

Tim Finn
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  • Chanson: I Decided To Fly
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Textes et Paroles de I Decided To Fly

I remember long ago
Blowing bubbles on the Lisburn Road
How then could I know
Well I was young before I was old

I remember on the bridge
In a place they said was privileged
Watching the boats go up and down
I was attached and detached from my terrible town

And I decided to fly
Oh I decided to try

I remember long ago
Lived in a house on Whitebeam Road
The summers came as they go
I spend my life carrying granite stone

My mother, father, brother, three
Another one and that made me
I cut my shin and looked up high
Something deep told me that I

I decided to fly
Oh I decided to try

I remember long ago
I grew up in the South Seas
The horizon so far away
Now it's become a part of me

I decided to fly
I decided to try
I decided to fly
You and I decided to try
I decided to fly
You and I decided to try

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