Paroles Hello de Timbaland

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  • Artiste: Timbaland3007
  • Chanson: Hello
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Textes et Paroles de Hello

(feat. Keri Hilson and Attitude)


You Know Wah Im Talkin Bout Home Boy
4 All The Pretty Ladies Out There
Wromin The Streets
Got Attitiude

Watupp Watupp
You Know Wah Im Sayin
Ooww... Let Me Talk To Yall Ladies

We On Another Leavel
Who U Down With
Im Down With Several
People That U Cant Clown With
Do He Town With
And Get,Get Down With
Hello,We On Another Leavel
Who U Down With
Im Down With Several
People That U Cant Clown With
Do The Town With
And Get,Get Down With


Baby,Let Me Come Scoop You In A Benz
Look At You All Laid Back
While I Drop My Top,Maybe Wont
You Can Bring A Friend
I Get It Poppin Al
Be Glad U Got Em Bal
Girl If You Play Ur Possition
Then All Ya Promlem Solved
They Show Me Love & Every Hood & Evry City I Go
They Say Timbo U The Best
Nd I Say Baby I No
Two Toe Make Back When I Slide N Feel It
When I Ride N Feel It
Got Pull The Shades Back N Tell Her Hello
She Wanna Chill With A Ni*G*A
Jst Smoke Whn U Drink & Keep It Real With A Ni*G*A
I Gotta Plan Shorty
4 Get Yuh Man Shorty
Let Me Pull It Simple So U Can Understand Shorty

[Chorus x2]

[Keri Hilson:]
Smooth On The Floor
Get Get Get Yuh Where U Go
You Already Know,If U Dunt Thn Imma Show
Look How I Duzz Tht
They Lookin At You They Lookin At Me
They B Lyk Wahs Tht,Tryin To Get Ther Buzz Bk
I Got Places To Go
N A Whole Lotta Things To See(I Garentie)
Nd Imma B Right Here Until Yall Got Enuf Of Me
Steady On The Groud(Tyin To Get It)
Money On My Mind(Is You With It)
Tryed To Hold Me Down(Cause Of There Ego)
Now They Ent Around(Well Look At Me)

[Chorus x2]

[Chorus x3: Attidude]

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