Paroles Washed Out de Time In Malta

Time In Malta
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  • Artiste: Time In Malta37423
  • Chanson: Washed Out
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Textes et Paroles de Washed Out

You took a risk by leaving yourself open for the punch
Hold on tight
The feelings have been guarded all your life, sometimes I feel the same way
Hold on tight
Watch your castles made from sand wash away, washed out for generations
The feelings have been guarded all your life, sometimes I feel the same way
Washed out for generations, but no one can take your light away
Take me back to where you stood at your window, before you had fallen
It shows what's sublime still remains,
Sometimes our mirrors get clouded, so your vision in time will remain
Sometimes trust slips right on through your hands
Listen send the message I'm fine
Still dreaming, still yearning
We don't need a key, we'll bust them down
Sometimes trust slips right on through your hands
Listen, no one's buying I'm fine

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