Paroles Ain't Goin' Away de Tina deVaron

Tina deVaron
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  • Chanson: Ain't Goin' Away
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Textes et Paroles de Ain't Goin' Away

I remember the first time
I held you close to me
It was everything I dreamed
Good love was sposed to be
And the second and the third time
And the fourth time too
After that I just stopped counting
Cause you knew what to do
And it Ain't Goin' Away
I said it ain't goin' away
No matter what we do, child
No matter what we say
This stubborn love
Is here to stay
And it ain't goin' away
All our friends keep askin
What they're doin' wrong
They're changin' partners
And we've lasted for so long
But we just stick together
Like a dog sticks to a bone
Cause the thrill I get from you
Is the best I've ever known

And it Ain't Goin' Away…
Empty nestin's on the way baby
When the kids grow up and leave
Spontaneous combustion
Just like it used to be
We can have a party baby
Any day of the week
Cause I never run out of fun
When you're here next to me
And it Ain't Goin' Away ...
Ain't goin, ain't goin away
Ain't goin ain't goin away
Ain't goin, ain't goin away
Ain't goin ain't goin away
Ain't goin, ain't goin away
Ain't goin, ain't goin away
And it Ain't Goin' Away

(Thanks to Jimmy Boc for these lyrics)

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