Paroles Just A Dog de Tindersticks

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  • Artiste: Tindersticks4736
  • Chanson: Just A Dog
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Textes et Paroles de Just A Dog

Out here in the street
Is not where I wanna be
Under her feet
Just to be with her
The sheets are on the line billowing
You'll sleep with the smell of the breeze
The places I've been
Or someone I used to be

Out here in the street
Nothing grows
There's nothing that I don't
Already own
There's a big big world in there
And I want it all
From the tips of her hair
To the core

I'm just a dog
Training to be a man
I'm just a dog
Learning stuff I don't understand
But at night I howl
But at night I howl

And even though I hate it
I need a good bathing
A long untangling
'Cause my heart's aching
I'm just a dog
Training to be a man

I'm just a dog
But at night I howl
Just a dog
I'm just a dog

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