Paroles Raindrops de Tindersticks

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  • Artiste: Tindersticks4736
  • Chanson: Raindrops
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Textes et Paroles de Raindrops

Silence is here again tonight
The silence is here again tonight
Will the love ever come back?
Will the love ever come back?
I know I've been pushing you away
I know it's been going on for days
Those awkward little things
So endearing
Those awkward little things
Wear on me
See, what we got here is a tired love
What we got here is a lazy love
It mooches around the house
Can't wait to go out
What it needs, it just grabs
It never asks
We sit and watch the divide widen
We sit and listen to our hearts crumble
With our only chance to jump
Neither of us had the guts
Or maybe we're just too proud
To say it out loud

Silence is here again tonight
Silence is here again tonight

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