Paroles Seaweed de Tindersticks

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  • Artiste: Tindersticks4736
  • Chanson: Seaweed
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Textes et Paroles de Seaweed

Would you prefer a stone
That I chose for you?
That lay on a beach
Was just a sea of stone
Wasn't meant for you
Jumped into my eyes
Choice of millions
Would you prefer a stone
From your window?
It walks through the streets
Feeling young and tense
They said he had this all in mind for you
`Cos it's so much strain
Choice of only a few
Would you prefer a look
That was contrived?
Or a look that says how I really keep with you?
I have no plans in my mind
Just kind of go
Go with you
Would you prefer a hello or a goodbye?
My mind is something I don't know
The truth, why should I lie?
Just kind of go
Go with you

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