Paroles Diggin' Me de Tlc

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  • Artiste: Tlc2829
  • Chanson: Diggin' Me
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Textes et Paroles de Diggin' Me

They diggin me' look at everybody diggin me,diggin me.They diggin me, look at everybody diggin me. Look at everybody diggin me, they diggin me. look at everybody diggin me.

I see ya lookin at me, you wanna know whats happening, Do I want them keys or them keys streamin till rappin. Till I live that life, now I'm living right, you see this necklace around my neck, filled with so much ice, and my packets fat, like I got the momps, until you haters come on and try to play me like i'm a cump, we go them killers on our team and they ready ta dump, I hope you dig that, cause this aint where its at. Just keep a gangsta up help a player spin up these stacks, cause that beef shit, na you dont want that. We 50 deep with them twos everywhere we at. So you better check a hole and nigger try and fuck that.

They diggin me, look at everybody diggin me, diggin me.They diggin me,diggin me, diggin me look at everybodt diggin me, diggin me, they diggin me look at everybody diggin me, diggin me.

One step threw da door, they loadding me, D4L they chasing the ices,


(Thanks to Amber for these lyrics)

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