Paroles Getaway Car de TobyMac

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  • Artiste: TobyMac8720
  • Chanson: Getaway Car
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Textes et Paroles de Getaway Car

I'm staring unaware cause I'm in the zone
It moves in like a fog on a seaside road
Paralyzed by the signs and the deafening tone
I'm on a lock like a jock with a broken bone
I can see the real game and I want to get in it
I can read your headline and I am dying to spin it
Man down in the clutches of his own desire
I got to find the kind of speed that will put out a fire

I need a getaway car, I gotta get out of here fast and far
I need a getaway car, I wanna flea what I see, wanna be where you are
I need a getaway car, I gotta get out of here fast and far
I need a getaway car

I put my hand on the wheel before I change my mind
I put my foot to the floor and I start to fly
I keep my eyes on the road so I don't get spun around
To the nightmare I've been delivered from
It's a brand new day, I drove hard all night
I thank God for the sun as it starts to rise
I take a peek in the mirror and my past is gone
I'm feelin' free as a bird with a new song

Now I ain't gonna stop 'til I find your peace
I gotta get to the place where it's you and me
So fill'er up now, and let's roll
Gonna drive through the night 'til you touch my soul
Said I ain't gonna stop 'til I find your peace
I gotta get to the place where you're all I need
So fill'er up, let's roll
I'm gonna drive through the night till you touch my soul

Let's ride all night, let's shift this thing into overdrive

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